February 21, 2008


Last night for dinner I made Quesadillas. But I did a little bit of a twist. Instead of going the typical Mexican food route, I opted for something a little more out there.

They were so tasty and delicious! Even Adam said they were pretty damed good.

Chicken, Apple and Goat Cheese Quesadillas

6 tortillas - I used rosemary tortillas that were low cal and low fat and HUGE!
about 1 cup of small diced chicken- I just used the leftover roasted chicken from Sunday
about 1/2 to 3/4 cups thiny sliced and diced green apple
4 green onions sliced
1 small log of goat cheese
1 cup shredded monterey jack cheese

Crumble some of the goat cheese on one tortilla. Top with chicken, apple, onion and monterey jack cheese. Place top tortilla on and either bake in the oven on 400 - flipping half way through, or use a skillet on the stove top. We opted for the oven using an airbake pizza pan for maximum crispiness.

I served with mashed cauliflower. I boiled the cauliflower and then roughly pureed with the immersion blender once it was drained. I mixed in about half a cup of cream cheese, salt, pepper, garlic powder and some Penzy's Galena Street Seasoning. It was OK. I think I just really don't like cooked cauliflower in any form. Adam wasn't too hip on it either.


USA Kiwi (aka Kylee) said...

I'm interested in the rosemary tortillas - where did you get them??

Robin said...

I've tagged you as having an E for Excellent blog...check out my latest entry for details :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Look please here

Anonymous said...

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