September 26, 2007

On the Food Blog Bandwagon

So, I am a huge food blog person - I love to read them, oogle over the pictures, dream of making the foods (and sometime I do) - as my friend at work says, "Food Blogs should be called Food Porn".

However, it discourages me because all of these cool blogs I read, I swear these girls have more hours in the day than I do - and I want their clock. These meals they make, things they bake, what the do in the kitchen each day just shocks me. How do they find time to do those things AND work?

So, I hemmed and hawed and finally decided I'd give the food blog a shot - since I post all of our food stuff on - but it's going to be different.

Adam and I are busy people. We both work, we have tons we do around the house, Adam has poker nights, I work nights/weekends atleast once a week, I'm training for my Avon Walk, we're busy people. See we are reality - we don't have 2 hours to spend cooking dinner - meals in our house are what's in the freezer and let's make it tasty.

So hence the name of the blog - realistic eats. We cook in real time, with real shopping lists (we shop once a week - no runs to the market for special items), with real foods we have on hand and no crazy ingredients (for the most part). Anything we do, you'll be able to do.

So enjoy our realistic eats!

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