November 6, 2007

Did you know...

Cheesecake Factory now sells a bunch of their sauces and dressings? Oh yes! But they don't sell jars of their awesome penaut sauce!

So Friday when there with friends, we begged them to sell us 3 jars of the peanut sauce that is so good - and we found out they make is fresh each day with a blend of other sauces and herbs - but they still sold us 3 jars for 5 bucks a jar.

We finally finshed up the sauce last night - since there aren't any preservitives you have to eat it within 7 days (or freeze it) so we ate it! I served it with chicken cubes and a dipping sauce at my Lill party saturday night, we had it with noodles and chicken for leftover lunch, and last night on chicken thighs and rice. SO GOOD!

See if you can bum some off your local Cheesecake Factory today :)

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