November 28, 2007

I made the Ugly Food Blog!

So, I've seen this ugly food blog floating around my cooking board on the nest. So tonight, since I'm stuck at work, I finally checked it out and I scroll down to see they are talking about a stuffed pumpkin. And I went - Ooo I made one of those this year, let's see how bad this person's looked! And lo and behold, it was my stuffed pumpkin!

It is strange, but in a way - I'm honored to be on the ugly food blog - especially with that recipe - because it just did not come out very good!

And lest we remember people - should my other recipes make it to the ugly food blog - just because something looks ugly doesn't mean it doesn't taste good.

1 comment:

JackieT said...

Congrats! They're no such thing as bad publicity. :) Even though your pumpkin was ugly, it was a cool idea! Happy cooking!