June 1, 2008

Fiddlehead what?

For the over 5 years we've lived in Rhode Island, each spring we see these funny alien looking green things in the produce department that always looked far from tasty. A few years ago, someone told me they were called Fiddleheads, and were actually a a New England delicacy.

So the other week we saw them at the market and I said to Adam "I'm feeling adventerous, let's try them." So we left the market with a small bag of Fiddlehads.

Now I had absoluetly no clue what the heck to do with them when I got them home. So I google searched and found this website, and this guy knows his Fiddleheads.

I found out that a Fiddlehad Fern is actually the unfurled shoots of the ostrich fern.

This guy had a great recipe for the Fiddleheads as well. Since I had no bacon, I used some bacon grease and it still had a great, tasty, salty flavor.

We really enjoyed the fiddleheads. So much so we bought a HUGE bag this past weekend at the market and had them tonight for dinner again.

We sat here trying to describe them flavor wise and such. It's kind of a cross between what a suateed string bean is like texture wise. Flavor wise, well I don't know, it tastes like what you cook it in but also tastes, green? I don't know how to describe it other than the fact that they are really good!

They are a little labor intensive for cleaning but the end result is worth it. Do follow the recipe on the link above, you won't regret it.

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Robin said...

I must live under a rock, I have never heard of these!