June 1, 2008

How do you loose the tip of your knife??

So tonight, while making dinner, the oddest thing happened.

So here's the scene.

I'm at the sink cleaning fiddleheads, potatoes are boiling on the stove, roast is simmering in the crockpot. The colander with the cleaned fiddleheads is balanced on the edge of the sink. Bashful comes up from the basement and rubs between my legs and scares the crud out of me. I jump, jolt my arm, knock the colader in to the other side of the sink. The cleaned large knife sitting tip side down in the in the draining basket in the sink falls out on to the floor, spinning, and lands tip side stuck in to the hard wood floors. It stays there for a split second then falls over to the floor.

I bend down to pick it up and notice the tip of the knife is gone - i mean it's a flat tip now, no point. I bend down and get down on all fours scouring the floor for the tip of the knife and can't find it - i dont want the cats to get it after all. Then I notice and see that it is physically now stuck in our hardwood floors. Totally burried in the hardwood.

Adam comes in from the garden and i tell him we need to go get a new knife, and tell him the whole story and he just laughed so hard. I kept telling him there was no way i could make this shit up - and that's the truth!

Time for a new knife!


Ruth Elkin said...

That's so funny. I bet you'll be telling everyone.

Kate said...

Wow, that is nuts!