July 30, 2008


Each summer I try to help out one of my co-workers for a Camp she cares very deeply about in our area. I offer to bake a dessert for the campers that will provide enough for two desserts in a week. I always like to do something different that the kids will go "Wow that's fun and cute!"

This year I came across the idea to make cookie frogs on the Betty Crocker Website.

Talk about easy - yes a little time consuming when you make 140 treats - but so easy and really not that expensive to make. And no oven is required which was great for the extremely hot day when had when I was making them.

You'll need the following

Sandwhich cookies

Twist Pretzles


candies for the eyes

First start by making or using a store frosting. I used powder sugar and water for a more firm and quick drying icing. Place a dollop of icing on one side of the cookie and then stick two pretzles to that frosting side and lay face up on a cookie sheet to let dry. On the first batch with the chocolate ones I tried a second dollop of frosting over the pretzles to ensure firmness and stability - as you can see here....
However, that extra dollop made the frogs a little off balance once placed right side up.

Once dry, flip them over and using a toothpick - I found that to be the easiest - put two frosting dollops on the top of the cookie and stick your candy eyes on the top - I used skittles - they were so colorful and cute!

Let dry and then pacakge up.

With the vanilla cookies i just went for the main dollop and that worked much better.

They were a hit with the campers, staff and counselors. Certainly a make again!


Sarah said...

How cute! I'm sure the kids just loved them!

Joelen said...

These are so adorable and creative!! Great job!

Robin said...

Super cute, Steph!