August 25, 2008

Adventures in Canadian Eating, Take 2

From New Brunswick we went to PEI. On our first night in PEI we were told we had to try a Lobster Supper. We ended up in New Glasgow for their lobster supper.

I wish we would have had lobster supper for every meal on our trip up there. This was by far the best meal we had in our whole trip in Canada and I was upset on our last night in Canada that we didn't eat something as fun or delicious or exciting.

If you go up to PEI you have to try the New Glasgow Lobster Supper.

You get to pick your meal - just apps and dessert, lobster, fish, etc. It comes with bread, chowder or soup, all you can eat mussels and chowder, your lobster and all you can eat desserts.

Now, I enjoy mussels but it's hard to get good, fresh tasting mussels out here. But I figured, Man we're IN PEI I can't not have them. I didn't think hubs would eat them at all, but alas, he did and we had to go through two big buckets or more to get our love worth. They were the best mussels we've ever had and I would move to PEI just for the mussels.

It was more food than I could ever imagine - but the seafood chowder was incredible. The mussels, so good, and the lobster - like buttah baby. Sweeter than lobster that we get in RI to say the least - hence we haven't had lobster since we got home.

Here's the hubs with with this mussels.

MMMMM Seafood!!

The second night in PEI we tried a different lobster supper - the Fisherman's Wharf - and it was still good but we went with the PEI Snow Crab that night - a nice treat since we don't get snow crab down here at all. The crab was good, but I should have had lobster. Again more mussels than you could shake a stick at - but you had to fight off the crazy bus loads of tourists taking buckets of mussels. So a different experience. The New Glasgow one is a more sit down and relax night.

Oh and here's the hubs with the lobster who eats tourists - we found him upon our arrival in PEI. His name is Lorenzo Lobster - if you make it to PEI say hello! But don't get eaten!

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