December 28, 2008

How do you Re-purpose Meals?

I had made this a week or so back but my friend and I were sitting around talking the other night about how to re-use meats and other leftovers. Rather than just re-eating the same meal again, what do you do??

I was sharing my ideas with her, and there were some she'd never heard of.

I really got in to re-purposing meals about a year ago. Quite simply I got sick and tired of just re-eating chicken the same way. I got a lot of tips from magazines as I was researching how to re-purpose meals, but mostly I made things up just being creative.

This is one of our favorite re-purposes - and really if I may boast I'm best at reusing pork in our house over chicken!

I like to take leftover pork tenderloin and slice it down thin and heat it up in a skillet with some bbq sauce. We then put it on buns or on top of baked potatoes or even on top of mashed potatoes.

All it takes is some creative thinking and then you won't be throwing so much wasted food down the disposal or in the trash can.


Joelen said...

I do this a lot because I tend to roast large cuts of meat (pork, whole chicken, etc) and then once cooked, use them in other dishes like Mexican fare (lasagna, chili, enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas, etc), Asian fare (stir fries, bao bun fillings, eggroll fillings, fried rice, etc), Italian fare (pasta fillings, calzone fillings, pizza toppings, etc).... so many ways!

Kelly said...

I'd love for you to blog more of your re-use tips!

The only thing I've reused are roasts -- similar to you -- and chicken. With chicken leftovers I'll make chicken noodle soup, chicken and biscuits, or some type of casserole, usually.