January 25, 2009

It's Fondue-rific!

This was our first new years alone in 5 years - so ever since we've been married.

To commemorate the occassion we wanted to do something really fun and romantic without leaving the house - ok get your mind out of the gutter now people!

So we went out and bought a fondue pot and planned a night of fondue fun!

We did the cheese course and the entree course - we skipped the chocolate for dessert since the hubs doesn't eat chocolate and I certainly did not need to eat a whole pot of chocolate alone!

The cheese - we cheated a bit - we went with one of the pre-made box kits you get from whole foods - and really it was worth it and so good and saved us a ton of shredding. I did add a bit of nutmeg to the cheese. We dined on bread, apples and cheese for the appetizer and almost ate all of the cheese between the two of us - only one cup left!

For the main course, we used broth, flavored with some garlic and onion and pepper. We cooked shrimp, scallops, potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli and carrots for the entree course. The zucchini and broccoli were a flop, otherwise everything else worked really well.

Why broth you ask? We learned this method from The Melting Pot years ago and it's a nice way to go to save on fat, save the grease fest and also the potential fire hazard at home. The broth was great, but really became a seafood broth by the time we were done! The hubs is adament we do oil next time at Valentine's Day.

We had the best time ever. We ate slowly, chatted, laughed and just had so much fun - and spent a good chunk of the night drinking wine and having fondue before we headed down to play some wii and watch the ball drop and pop open the champagne.

We think the cats were even truly intrigued with the fondue experience - we'll be breaking out the Cuisinart Fondue pot again for V-Day!

Oh and the Cuisinart Fondue Pot - so worth the price and purchase - it's great and we truly recommend it to anyone looking to invest in a nice fondue pot.

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