February 19, 2009

Wine Wine Wine!

I love wine!

My mom was in town for the long weekend and so the hubs and I took her down to Newport to check out some of the wineries - which we have never been to either.

We already went to this really nice wine shop near our house and got two great bottles of wine for the weekend... so you need more right?!

Our first stop was Greenvale Vineyards in Portsmouth, RI. Great small vineyard. Very intimate tasting setting. They only had one red to try so the hubs was bummed but I found a chardonay I really liked. It was fermented in stainels steel barrels instead of oak - so it didn't have any of that woody finish that I'm not a hugefan of in wine. Mom treated me to a nice bottle and they had a few others we really liked that we'd buy again.

Our next stop was over to Newport Vineards - certainly the larger of the vinearyds on the island, and REALLY crowded. It probably didn't help that it was Valentine's Day and Winterfest!

The neat thing about Newport Vineyards is you got a punch card and you could try any 6 wines you wanted, in either the tank room, the barrel room or the patio. They tasted whites, reds and roses and dessert wines. We ended up with a really nice bottle of red from Newport Vineyards as well as some great sauces they were sampling by a local vendor.

Newport Vineyards certainly had a much larger selection but really it was the red we purcahsed that we really liked, one other red, and that was it - Greenvale had a much nicer selection with more wines that we enjoyed - a little crisper, nice after notes.

It was great to check out something we've skipped doing for 6 years out here. We got a nice listing of the other wineries in the area and the other day I was a a hotel for a workshop and picked up the CT Wine Trail brochure so we can try those next.

Oh and while mom was here, we went through 3 bottles of wine, not too bad - considering we also each drank about 3 glasses of wine while tasting!!!

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