May 17, 2009

Preparing The Fiddleheads

It's Spring, that means it's time for Fiddleheads.

The hubs and I took a trip to Whole Foods to see if they had any in stock and thankfully they did. We ended up with about 5 pounds that we brought home. I had read up online how to freeze them for the winter so we could enjoy them year round.

We got the cleaned, blanched and dried and then packaged them up to freeze to enjoy this winter.

We made one batch the other night to see how they were out of the freezer. Certainly not quite the same but still good to have as a special treat. And I had found some recipes that use fiddleheads now too so I think these will work well in those recipes later in the year.

We did end up getting some fresh yesterday at the market as well, and those were better tasting - Our local store had much larger Fiddleheads than Whole Foods did - so I'm wondering if that had something to do with the taste when they were thawed and cooked. Who knows. I'm must happy we got some this year!!

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Joelen said...

Can't wait to see what you prepare using them!