February 1, 2010

I want to go back to Chicago...

So I can become best friends with one of my favorite Chicago bloggers and eat her most glorious cooking!

I first "met" Joelen on the What's Cooking page on the Nest... she was even my secret Santa one year and sent me some beautiful Asian dishes, spices and Chicago candies. We've been admiring one another's blogs for a couple years now. But let me just say, I would KILL to be as creative, inventive and adventurous in the kitchen as she is!

She made these two recipes the other week and I immediately added them to my reader to make.

So we had dinner a la Jolene on Sunday night here.

Let me tell you, the chicken, did not disappoint and the rice - HEAVENLY!!!

I mean her recipes are so good I even went out at 8 pm at night on Saturday night to get more curry powder so I could get the chicken swimming in the wonderful marinade overnight.

I changed NOTHING with either recipe - so you can visit her blog to see the recipes - but you should visit Joelen's Culinary Adventures daily!

1 comment:

Joelen said...

*Blush* Thanks so much Stephany! So glad you liked everything and I wish you could come and visit Chicago soon! When you do, I'll be here with my kitchen waiting for you! :)