July 18, 2010

Well this is Ironic!

I made these recipes back in June. And lo-and-behold, this is what we're having for dinner tonight. Well at least the meatloaf portion of the dinner.

I got these recipes, again, from one of my favorite Chi-Town bloggers, Joelen. Thanks Joelen for another great dinner at our house! I'm not going to post the recipes here because I made everything just as she made it - so I'll link you to her.

We loved the Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf. It really is an easy take on chicken parm - even if you use ground turkey.

The scalloped tomatoes, well, I liked them but I'm not sure I made them right. Ours was a lot runnier than hers looked and I was so worried about it, I popped in a side of pesto pasta while everything cooked as a backup. The flavors were great and there, but I could not get the consistency right. Now I didn't use roma tomatoes, but sweet ones/grape tomatoes. My bread was hard and crunchy - so I don't know. But I would try this again and recommend you give it a whirl too!

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