August 12, 2012

Playing in the Kitchen

For Christmas, the hubs got me a tortilla press - which yes, I did ask for this!

Well so far I've made one attempt and it didn't go so well - I blame the recipe. So I need a good and fool proof homemade tortilla recipe.

The Dough, resting
We did have fun with it though, making tortillas, we baked up some tortilla chips, and had some great shrimp fajitas with the too thick tortillas - we just couldn't get them thin enough!

This was a better smoosh - the hubs did this one.
Cooking up on the little cast iron skillet that came with the press

Mmmm baked homemade tortilla chips - actually they were quite good!

Shrimp fajitas, onions and mushrooms, and our homemade tortillas!
We'll have to try again with a different recipe I guess.

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