November 22, 2007

Pork Fried Rice

An easy weeknight favorite. We look for the packages of Misc. pork at the grocery stores, it's usually pieces off the belly and rib area and they just slice it up and sell it. We buy these and slice and dice them into 1 lb. servings and then freeze. This meal was perfect because it was quick, delicious and simple.

Pork Fried Rice

2 Cups cooked rice

1 lb. pork, sliced/diced

sesame oil, 2 T

2 pagackages chinese frozen veggies by birds eye

1 can water chestnuts

1 can bamboo shoots

2 eggs, beaten + 1 T milk

1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce

1 tsp. dried ginger

Heat 1 T of sesame oil in the Wok and add the pork. Cook until just done. Remove and set aside in a bowl.

Add remaining 1 T of oil to the wok and add the veggies (canned and frozen) and the rice. Cook until veggies are tender and heated through.

In another small skillet, spray with cooking spray and scramble the 2 eggs. When done, transfer to bowl with pork.

Add pork/egg mixture to wok with vegetables and rice. In a measuring cup, combine the soy sauce and ginger then pour over food in the wok. Toss to flavor and serve.

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