November 13, 2007

A quick staple in our meal schedule

This past weekend we worked feverishly to get the basement done before the carpet gets installed this week.

So last night, when it was finally time for dinner at 9:15 I was so glad I had a quick dinner planned.

Turkey Sausage and Potatoes

After years of making this adam and I finally decided the best way to do it is to use canned potatoes and after icking the idea for a LONG time - now it's what we do - they cook up so much faster and crispier without the meat getting too browned.

Slice turkey sausage
drain and rinse potatoes
place in skillet and sautee til golden brown

I season mine with Hungarian Sweet Paprkia, garlic and onion and a little pepper. Remember, don't add salt, there's enough in the meat.

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