August 31, 2008

My Kitchen Just Got More Colorful and Fun!

I came home the other day to find a great little box on my door from The Spoon Sisters. I recently entered another contest at Blake Makes for a chance to win these awesome measuring/tasting spoons from The Spoon Sisters.

Now I love spoons. I fly through those more than any other utensil. I have spoons for everything in the kitchen - salt spoon, sugar spoons, honey spoons, serving, cooking stirring, spoons for only dark colored foods that can stain, spoons for high heat, etc. A spoon is my favorite untensil for cooking and eating!

So when I saw these colorful little guys I had to enter and crossed my fingers I'd win... If not I knew I'd probably cave and buy them at some point! That's just how cute they are.

Unfortunately my picture (or any of the ones I took) do these justice! You just have to buy a set to check them out yourself. I've already used them for my cooking and am totally digging them.

I've met a new spoon set - and I'm in LOVE!!!

And do check out the SS website for some other great gifts - great for those upcoming holiday exchanges!!! Hint Hint people!!!

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