August 31, 2008

Thank You Blake Makes!

I love the blog Blake Makes. I mean LOVE! Not only does he have great innovative recipes, he shares the glory with other cooks around the globe and their delicious recipes as well. He always features new and innovate products and foods and always gives us the chance to try and win products as well.

This was the first contest I entered on Blake's site. I don't know I've always been too nervous to enter them in the past but finally decided oh just get over it!

I was really glad I was chosen to try these new treat - You Bars. The company makes these bars with natural ingredients. And you can even go on the site and make your own bars that they'll make and ship for you.

Now part of the reason I was so interested in this give away was because I do like "bar food" as we call it in my family, but sometimes I am disappointed with the bars I try. I don't like the texture or the flavor. So I always like trying new bars to see if I can find a new one I like. I really enjoy a bar for breakfast with a glass of milk - it's filling and can hold me most of the morning along with a piece of fruit about 11 am or so.

So I tried the first You Bar out of the package and it was YUMMY. I loved it because for once it was a bar that didn't have the texture of a Power Bar - that stickiness to it and it wasn't candy coated or chocolate coated to make you think it was a candy bar. It was just wholesome and good and fruity and grainy.

I've still got a couple more to try out of the selection pack, but so far I've been a happy camper.

Thank You Blake and Thank You You Bar!

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