June 30, 2009

Still Love Mom's Cooking!

I just came back from a long weekend in Chicago visiting my mom. It's hard being away from her and it was so nice to be together.

Together we made a wonderful dinner on the night of my arrival that was inspired from a menu from Prevention Magazine.

However, we shortcutted the heck out of things!

We browned chicken cutlets in a pan with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Then we modeled our stuffing after this recipe here. However we used a boxed Peppridge farm mix for ease but added in the dried fruits. Instead of hazelnuts, we used finely diced/chopped macadamia nuts! DELISH!!!

For our veggie - again we went using this recipe. However to make it easier, we steamed on the stove top the green beans and mushrooms. Then when they were done I tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper and some more of the macadamia nuts.

Excellent meal all around! Will so make this now that I'm at home.

And nothing was as good as Mom's cooking.

I hope she enjoyed the meals I made for her just as much - Penny a la Punk Ass Sister Betsy and Vegetarian Sushi Bowls.

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