August 29, 2009

When dinner doesn't go quite according to plan

I had this wonderful recipe picked out to use the other remaining pound of squid from our adventures in cleaning and prepping squid.

However, our night to eat that dish got thrown off and we ended up eating out.

And when I went to make the squid dinner, well, let's just say the squid was a wee bit ripe!

So, since everything else for the dinner was already started, I had to improvise - and you know what it turned out to be a great improv. dinner!

Here is the origonal recipe I had intended on making.

And here is what we ended up eating.

I made the fava recipe as directed. I then shredded zucchini to top on the fava, added some nice fresh ripe tomatoes and two eggs that were slightly runny in the yolk.

It really turned out to be a filling, delicious and healthy meal that we both enjoyed- and we'll surely make this again too!

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