November 30, 2009

How Could I Forget?!?!

One of the best meals we had on our vacation was in Miami before we even boarded the ship.

We went to a Cuban restaurant while in Miami because we figured we should eat some good Cuban food while there - if even just for a night.

We started our meal with these most tender and delicate pieces of fried pork. The pork was served with a lime, garlic butter which was out of this world delicious.

For dinner the hubs enjoyed a delicious steak with beans and rice and fried plantains.

However I'm going to say mine took the award for the best meal of the night. I need to find a replicated recipe STAT. I tried Mofongo. It was tender and savory mashed plantains served in this awesome tall voodoo wood cup circa. Brady Bunch Hawaii Adventure era. On top of the Mofongo were the most flavorful huge shrimp cooked in the lime garlic butter with these wonderful capers.

DELICIOUS! I need to find a recipe for Mofongo STAT!

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