November 22, 2009

A New Twist on Curry

Well thanks to our good friends here who are from India, the hubs and I have really developed a taste for Indian food.

I found this recipe on and was truly intrigued. I had two small sugar pumpkins around that needed to be used so this fit the bill.

Absolutely incredible, I can't say enough about it! I did omit the jalapeƱo and the limes (the limes because I forgot and it was 9 when we sat down to eat). I served with rice and also some naan.

Totally easy meal to make too! I did use the whole bag of red lentils - I always do when I make Indian food - I just use most or all of the bag so I have enough for leftovers.

Do make this - you could use butternut squash as well.

Sorry no pictures- again, it was late and we were famished.

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