November 22, 2009

We're Back!!!

Well sorry for the delay on the blog - the hubs and I were away on vacation.

A Caribbean Cruise to be exact.

We only really got to eat out on one of the islands one time, but we had some excellent foods while we were there.

One of our first ports of call was Samana in the Dominican Republic.

We stopped at this beach resort hotel (since our excursion was cancelled) and had the most incredible appetizers for lunch that day.

The hubs had this fantastic fried chicken - the spices were incredible, mild yet flavorful and not greasy at all.

I had these potato croquettes that had a seafood stew on top of them. It had a little kick to it but wasn't so spicy you couldn't eat it. It had the most wonderful balance of delicate seafood and crispy croquette and a sweet tomato sauce.
I didn't really take pictures of anything else we ate. But we ate well that's for sure!

We were on Norwegian Cruise Lines, so you could eat whenever you wanted, wherever you wanted. We ate in the formal dining room a few nights and had some wonderful meals. Our first tight I had the most robust and delicious tagliatelle with braised short ribs. Oh my god I need to re-create this recipe.

We had some delicious vanilla bean souffle, indulged at the chocolate buffet (but nothing was really all that exciting or memorable). We enjoyed a great Hibachi dinner in the Lotus Garden Restaurant - and we also splurged twice on Sushi. I had these wonderful rolls I've never seen before. One had the whole roll that was tempura fried and another was unagi (my favorite) with cucumber and avocado in a roll. DELISH!

The one nice thing is we really didn't eat ourselves silly on the cruise. Although the hubs did rename breakfast to Bacon Meal since he enjoyed that every morning. And I too truly enjoyed a pecan sticky roll every morning too. Ahh sweet indulgence!

But now we're back and back to cooking again - so I'll have some more posts for you!

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