January 23, 2011

A fresh and light soup

Great in the winter, will be wonderful in the spring and delicious in the summer and fall with that fresh cabbage from the garden.

I found this recipe for Chickpea Rice Soup with Cabbage on Post Punk Kitchen and really what prompted me to make this was how beautiful the soup looked in her bowls in the photos. It looked rich and creamy without the addition of dairy product. It looked filling and delicious and so colorful.
The soup was so hearty and satisfying. I enjoyed the addition of the rice to the soup, but the hubs felt he would have liked it without the rice. So next time, I'll make the rice on the side and we can just spoon it in to our bowls as we'd like.

Instead of boiling the rice in the soup, I made rice in the rice cooker and then scooped some cooked rice in to the finished soup. It did take a way from the creaminess a bit of the rice breaking down in the broth, but it made it hold up really well for leftovers without the rice getting pasty and mushy.

I also used a short cut and instead of shredding the cabbage I used a bag of coleslaw mix to make life easier.

Do add the fresh dill as well at the end, it really brings a wonderful flavor that brightens the dish up!

Made the recipe pretty much as is aside from what I just mentioned so just follow the link above for the recipe.

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