February 13, 2011

The Hubs Makes Sausages

The hubs has been interested in making his own sausages at home for quite some time now. So for his Chribirthday (yes, that's Christmas Birthday), I got him all of the fun things he'd need to take on this challenge.

He has been grinding his own meat for a while now with the Kitchen Aid grinder attachment, so I outfitted him with the sausage making attachments and a sausage cook book.

His first adventures was in making Bangers. He used the recipe from the Home Sausage Making Cookbook by Susan Mahnke Perry & Charles Reavis. He really seems to be enjoying this book as it talks about techniques, has a ton of recipes and easily works its way from making fresh sausage to smoking and curing sausages.

He also tried the recipe for Chicken Bratwurst from the cookbook and while he admits that the casing he used was probably what made it a challenge, he does think making chicken sausages is harder than beef sausages.

And I can honestly say I'm enjoying his new adventure in making sausages. They are so tasty, cook up nicely and once summer grill season hits I know we'll be enjoying the sausages he's frozen even more.

Hard at work making bangers

So Proud!


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