November 22, 2011

Turkey For Me, Turkey For You....

What's on your Thanksgiving Day menu?

This year, Thanksgiving will be quiet at the Realistic Eats household. It's just the hubs and I this year, no friends, no family... nice and quiet. The day will start with a spin class for me and then some relaxing with the parade, Bond Marathon, and quite possibly some cinnamon rolls! (What, I said I was going to spin first - the bike is already reserved!!) And since we're both still watching what we eat very carefully, I've considered everything for the meal with the utmost care.

Tonight on the way home, the hubs picked up our turkey from our local farmer. While it was quite a bit pricier than I would have liked, I'm hoping it's worthy of the price - the legs alone are HUGE and I can't wait to delve in on Thursday. And it does make me happy to know that: 1. my turkey is antibiotic and hormone free 2. is free range 3. supports a local farmer and business 4. that I got to take a trip to the farm about about a month ago and see the turkeys, and all of the other animals. Seriously the piggies and horses were my favorite things there! The ducks were pretty awesome too - especially the fancy ducks with toupes - sort of like these that I saw at the IN State Fair this summer.

This year's menu:
Roast Turkey - still deciding how I want to prepare it
Green Bean Casserole with my homemade cream of mushroom soup which I'll also add a bit of flour too so it thickens in the oven a bit. Contemplating the crock pot again this year for the casserole.
Sourdough, apple & mushroom stuffing using the hub's homemade sourdough bread. Although I am going to omit the egg and baking of the stuffing and just serve it from the stovetop.
MAYBE some rosemary and sage roasted butternut squash.
Crustless Pumpkin Pie, maybe following Hungry Girl's recipe for at least the topping.

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