January 2, 2012

Uh-Oh - this is a Costly Dislike

So the hubs and I were on the waiting list for a while for Beekman Blaak Goat Cheese - and our number finally came up and a wonderful box of cheese arrived on our doorstep!

We were so excited to cut in to it and tried it on Thanksgiving day - and uh, oh - WE DO NOT LIKE IT!!! We just paid $45 for a wheel of cheese and it's way too strong for us.


I'm contemplating shredding it up and making fondue with it, thinking once I add in the wine, herbs and such it may have a more subdued flavor and be good for dipping with bread and veggies?

If you love strong cheeses, this is for you. I do like a strong cheese, but not this strong!

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