December 29, 2011

2012 Cooking Goals

Last year I made a bucket list for 2011 of things I wanted to complete. Out of the 15 items, 13 were cooking related. I'm going to try it again this year, since I really made NO progress on the 2011 list, so I'm going to tweak and revisit this for 2012. And since the hubs has all sorts of cooking hobbies now (sausages, bread, cheese), I figured it's good if I get a move on my goals as well!

1. Finish my quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie - I only have 2 more recipes I think I'm going to try, but I already found one I really like. I could have finished this this year, but with the holidays, it just didn't happen!

2. Make Goetta from scratch

3. Better Organize my kitchen - OK while NOT necessarily a cooking goal, still something I need to do!

4. Make pie crust from scratch - I need to stop my love of the boxed crust!

5. Try those knock off recipes for the Lofthouse sugar cookies and see if it really compares

6. Make one item from my Google Reader or Pintrest each week

7. Better organize my cookbook collection

8. Scan and enter in my computer all of the recipes I have printed out and torn out to get the clutter out of the kitchen

9. Only buy meats or frozen items when absolutely necessary so we can work our way through the chest freezer.

10. Make an inventory check list for the pantry and the freezer and keep updating them!!

11. Really research raising chickens with the hubs to determine if this is something we want to do in this house or wait until we move to another house with more land. Time to stop talking about it and start taking some action!

12. Buy a new food scale - one where the tare function works again. - DONE! And before 2012 even arrived - $10 at Aldi!

13. Buy a jelly roll pan!

14. Try to make my own condiments - mustard, ketchup, etc. I made my own vinegar reduction this past weekend, and my own tomato relish this year, so I can't wait to keep this trend going.

15. Find tried and true recipes for making low fat and creamy salad dressings at home to get off the bottle laden with artificial crap!

I could list more and more, but based on my track record for this past year at 15 items that didn't get done, I'm thinking I should stop!

I'll keep you posted!

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