December 5, 2011

Chappli Kabab

We recently came back from visiting friends in upstate New York. While there, we spent time visiting a bunch of local ethnic markets - which the hubs and I just adore doing. And since we don't have a large selection of ethnic markets where we live, it's fun to explore new markets and discover new tastes and foods while we're away.

Our friends recommended we try a boxed mix for Chappli Kabab and we are so glad they did.

We made these the other night for dinner, as directed, but using ground turkey. We did use the whole packet of spice with it, which was probably a bit spicier than we would have liked, but they were still yummy! And it wasn't really spicy as much as it was cumin-y. The kabab patties came out so crunchy and delicious and it was a fabulous meal with some mixed greens, tomato and naan.

I did hang on to the box though, so that next time I can go based off of the ingredient list and make the seasoning for the patties myself. This way it will cut back on the sodium in the meal - because it was a salty dish!

If you can find the boxed mix, I recommend trying it - just make sure you like cumin! Once I make them again from scratch, I'll post that here so you can try it as well.

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