December 5, 2011


I had found a recipe for Hawaiian Haystacks on Chef in Training a while back that sounded yummy! I mean what's not to love about chicken, pineapple, and crunchy noodles?

I wanted to take some time to tweak the recipe though so I wouldn't use the canned soup. Additionally, I wanted to make the dish not in the crock pot, but on the stove top when I got home from work.

So with some help from my Facebook friends, I got the idea to just use a basic white sauce in place of the canned soups on this. This meal was so easy, came together so quickly, and really made a great leftover as well.

Hawaiian Haystacks
adapted from Chef in Training

3 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts diced
1 can drained pineapple it its own juices
2 T butter
2 T flour
1 cup milk
1 cup broth
green onion
rice- cooked
chow mein noodles

1. Cook rice and set aside
2. dice your chicken and place in a glass baking dish sprayed with Pam. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, garlic powder, ginger powder and toss. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes until cooked through.
3. While the chicken is cooking, make a roux with the flour and butter. Once the butter and flour have come together, add your milk and broth and simmer while stirring and let thicken. Then, add in seasoning - salt, pepper, garlic, ginger, and a pinch of crushed red pepper.
4. when the sauce is thick, and the chicken is done, pour some of the sauce over the chicken, toss and then let bake in the oven for 5 minutes.
5. Serve 5 oz. of the chicken/sauce mixture over 3 oz. of rice. Top with green onion, pineapple and chow mein noodles and enjoy.

Note - because we're still watching our portion sizes, to bulk this meal up, we but a bunch of fresh shredded cabbage in the bottom of the bowl first, then our rice, and then the chicken and everything else. It was INCREDIBLE with the cabbage - added some crunch, fiber, filling extra food, and the cabbage warmed up a bit to get a little soft with the chicken and rice on it. We will so add the cabbage again!!

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