April 9, 2012

It's Incredible That These Aren't Worse for You!

I had a pre-Valentine's dinner with two of my good friends (yeah I know it's April, I've been busy!), and we decided to do a pot luck - like always. This time I was on dessert and I thought something chocolate would be very appropriate. However, I was trying to watch what I ate and not go insane with something sweet and fatty that would start me on a fast downward spiral for poor eating the rest of the week.

My friend pointed me over to Chocolate Covered Katie and her recipe for German Chocolate Fudge Balls. I could marry these balls, they make me intensely happy (yeah, OK that sounds worse once I read it out loud, but I'm not deleting it!). These are so heavenly, chocolaty, and just feel sinful as you're eating them.

I did tweak a bit, and I'll post how I made them here.

If you're looking for a less guilty chocolate pleasure, I highly recommend these!

3/4 cup pitted dates - I just ended up using the whole container, which pretty much doubled everything else in the recipe - so do note that! I do recommend double checking the dates to ensure there are no pit pieces, some of mine were NOT fully pitted!

1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

1/16 tsp salt

2 T cocoa powder - I used dark chocolate cocoa powder - yup, do that!

2 T shredded coconut - I used unsweetened, raw coconut

1/3 to 1/2 cup raw pecans

optional: feel free to add some chocolate chips - OK Katie, I will! And I did. I just added mini chocolate chips

I also added in a splash of triple sec - because everything is better with a splash of liquor!

Blend dates in a food processor with the nuts and the liquor (so you have some liquid). Then mix everything together in a bowl. Blend all ingredients together very well. I then used my little cookie scoop to make truffles and then rolled them in powder sugar and cocoa powder. The cocoa powder worked out much better and didn't melt off in the fridge over night. And really, it tasted so much better!

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