July 1, 2012

Sometimes, There's Nothing Better than a Sandwich

I mean, it's a busy day, you're tired, you just want something quick to eat. Truly, there can be no greater or easier dinner than a nice sandwich. And I'm not talking just a lunch meat sandwich, but something tasty, unique, and fabulous.

I came across this recipe/suggestion on Green Cilantro a while back and made it back last year  - yes this is how far behind I am in blogging.

This meal was creamy, savory, delicious! It was great for dinner and would make a great lunch too!

Here's what I did.

Mix cream cheese with herbs - dried or fresh. Spread that on some nice fresh bread. Layer on some cucumber, avocado and smoked salmon and enjoy.  Seriously, how simple is that??

Creamy, delicious, wonderful. Even better on the hub's own homemade sourdough!

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