August 12, 2012

A Pintrest Review

A long time back I found something on Pintrest that was just so cool I had to try it. And although we were skeptical about it working, we are excited to say we were proven wrong. IT WORKS!

Thanks to Homemade Serenity for this helpful tip of how to regenerate your green onions/scallions to have an endless supply on hand.

It's easy, use the green on your scallion and then leave the root portion and a little more of the white, place in a container with water and watch it grow! We change our water about once a week in the glass and always have one, if not two or three going at a time. It's so nice and they still taste flavorful and delicious.

You may note that sometimes you should rinse off the roots and the bulb part, this gets rid of any slimyness and things that may be moving in. And you'll know when it's time to toss one out, it's pretty obvious!

But try it - it works, and it's a fantastic money saver!!
Hmmm, the picture isn't this direction on my computer! But you get the idea. No my scallions are not lying sideways on a windowsill - don't do that!!!

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