December 1, 2013

Do you fry at home?

We aren't big in to making fried foods - we don't fry chicken, or pork chops, or eggplant - everything gets baked. But, a french fry - now that's just different. I'm sorry, baked fries just aren't as good!

So over a year ago now, we tried this recipe from Brown Eyed Baker for Easy Homemade French Fries - and we've probably made them about 6 or more times since then. They don't disappoint!!

And the best thing in the world to make these - this little bad boy from Pampered Chef! I suck at using their French Fry Cutter - but the hubs is great at it - so he's the designated potato cutter for fries!

We've made these fries with just some regular salt on them, seasoned salt, salt and pepper, you name it - they are always delicious. And when you just have that craving for a good burger and fries - it's so easy to make it at home!

The only changes I make to the recipe is we use Canola Oil. And I have used just about any type of potato with this method and it still works great! The key is not stirring them around until that first 15 minutes is up - this will ensure a crispy and firm fry and not just mushed up potato fried in oil.

Happy French Fry Eating!!

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