November 16, 2013

What did you expect, I've got an adventurous foodie husband!

So the hubs is big in to making things from scratch - bread, cheese, sausages, grinding his own ground turkey and beef, jerkey, canning fruits and vegetables and broths, making and canning his own pie fillings, you name it.

So it should come as no surprise that when he says, "I'm going to learn to make..." he's going to follow through with it.

The last time the hubs said "I'm going to make.." it ended with pickled ginger.

Yes - pickled sushi ginger.

I was certainly not going to fight this one.

Buying this in the markets is so expensive here, and it would go so well with our sushi bowls that we eat on a very regular basis. So I got to work finding the recipe and method and lo-and-behold - we are loyal homemade pickled ginger makers in this house now! And it's so delicious and so flipping easy.

Local folks - FYI, you can find CHEAP ginger at Price Rite. And if you're lucky to have some great Asian markets near you, it's very cheap at those markets too.

Yeah this isn't sideways on my computer - sorry people!
This recipe came to us from and has now been used maybe 4-5 times in our house. It's perfect!!


2 lb fresh young ginger 
2 tsps salt
3 cups rice vinegar
2 cups sugar

Wash young ginger root and rub off skin. Slice the ginger thinly and salt them (we do this with the mandolin). Leave salted ginger slices in a bowl for about one hour. Dry the ginger slices with paper towels and put them in a sterilized, heat-resistant container/jar. Mix rice vinegar and sugar in a pan and bring to a boil. Pour the hot mixture of vinegar and sugar over the ginger slices. Cool them. Pickled ginger changes its color to light pink. (If you are using old ginger, it might not turn pink naturally.) Cover the jar and store it in the refrigerator.

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