May 26, 2008

How do you loaf?

Are you a square loafer or a round loafer?

I mean meatloaf of course!

I've never, ever in my life had a round free formed meat loaf.

Growing up in my household, meatloaf was always made in a rectangle loaf pan. But in my husband's house it was always round, free formed in a pie plate or round baking dish.

A few weeks ago we made a comfort food dinner for saturday night, meatloaf and mac and cheese - well my comfort meal, not hubbys. He doesn't love mac and cheese.
Adam decided to be the musher for the meatloaf and because he offered to get his hands raw meet messy I told him to just do what he wanted with it.

So almost an hour later and 350 degrees we got this...

And you know what, I have to tell you, it was much jucier, had a nicer texture and was just all around better - less crumbly, more dense.
And the Mac & Cheese, in my book - fabulous as always - it's already on the blog here.

I guess I'm a round loafer convert now!

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Robin said...

I'm a loaf my husband's grandparents' though they are a square meatloafer believe it or not.

The past couple of years though if I make mini meatloaves they are round and in my cupcake pan :-)