September 15, 2008

Another Tasty Canadian Chip

So we tried another bag of tasty Canadian treats Friday Night.

We stopped in the Humpty Dumpty Factory on PEI to see if they did tours and they didn't but they gave us some free bags of chips for our effort. The BBQ ones Hubs ate on his own and loved them. These we had to try together.

They are MUCH better than a Cheeto. They are made with corn instead of flour and because of that they taste like a cross between a Frito and Dorito. But the cheese is real cheddar cheese instead of fake crap. They are by far the best chip I've eaten aside from those darned Gravy Chips!

Canada Katie, you must bring us some of these when you come to visit next - along with some Curly Wurlies, some Smarties, Gravy Chips, Smoky Bacon Chips...

I wonder why I'm fat??

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