December 21, 2008

I need some Manicotti Help ASAP!l

So I love stuffed pasta, manicotti, shells. LOVE IT!

But I have a heap of trouble with it. I refuse to pre-boil shells cause I think they are a PITA to stuff then. It's more the filling I have trouble with - it is never full and fluffy once done cooking.

Is it because I use raw noodles, maybe.

Is it because I use fat free ricotta most times - possibly.
I did start incorporating eggs into the cheese mixture but still not it.

They do always turn out yummy but just not what I'm longing for.

So all you food bloggers out there, help a girl out!

These were pretty good but again same filling issues.

I can't find the recipe I used but it was a broccoli stuffed manicotti and eh, not as good as the spinach stuffed shells I make - I'll stick with spinach from now on.

At least the caesar salad of ours I always serve with stuffed pasta is ALWAYS reliable and tasty!!

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Joelen said...

If you have a piping bag or even put your filling in a Ziploc bag, cut the corner and squeeze in the filling, that helps me a lot - regardless if I used cooked or no boil pasta. Hope this helps!