October 17, 2009

Such a perfect fall meal...

I made this a couple of weeks ago and it really was the most perfect fall meal. I can imagine it would be wonderful in the depths of winter as well.

I've had this recipe on my computer for - gosh over a year now I think - but I've never gotten to making it until now.

I didn't have borlotti beans, but I decided to use these beans the hubs and I bought dried at Federal Hill at one of the Italian markets. Lupini beans. I soaked the beans, and cooked the bean and cooked them some more and they would NOT get tender. Finally I bit in to one and it was the worst tasting most bitter thing I've ever had. I figured OK they aren't done enough. I cooked some more - the hubs tried one later and he agreed, the worst beans we've ever had.

So I hopped on the laptop and researched a bit and found out that lupini beans do have a bitter taste and you can't get rid of that. CRAP! I just spent a whole day soaking and cooking these beans for this meal I had such wonderful hopes for.

The beans got tossed - there was NO WAY we could have ever eaten them. Thank God for my stash of canellini beans in the pantry!!

So if you can't find borlotti beans for this recipe - use a nice soft, buttery white bean, it will be great. This meal was wonderful!! Even despite the hassle of the bad beans!

The recipe came from Apartment Therapy, The Kitchn and can be found here.

I made everything as is and just tossed in the canned beans near the end to heat through - I used two cans of canellini beans.

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