February 28, 2010

Any Meal That Uses Peanut Butter....

May very well be something that goes in to our meal rotation.

I'm a PB addict (although I eat very little of it!) and I love to add PB to recipes for a nice rich Thai flavor.

I found this recipe on MyRecipes.com (the site for Cooking Light recipes). So easy and so yummy!

I did make an adjustment to the recipe. I didn't realized it called for 2 1/2 pounds of chicken, and I only got two small chicken breasts out to defrost. I had so much sauce that I needed some more protein in the meal to justify the amount of sauce - so I added one can of chickpeas to the mix. WOW the mix of chicken and chickpeas was wonderful and really, the recipe with just chickpeas would be fantastic too if you wanted to make it vegetarian/vegan.

Here is the recipe as is - I did everything the same except for the addition of the chickpeas. Which I do HIGHLY recommend.

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