October 17, 2010

Now doesn't this look indulgent??

Oh yeah, you know you want to try this. Cheese, Prosciutto, Figs, Pesto - I mean how can this be bad??? It can't - simple answer - make it - it's that good.


It's got everything

And it's crazy filling!

Bulky roll or crusty bread
1 ball fresh mozzarella cheese cut in to slices
1 container reduced fat pesto
4 figs cut in to thin slices
8 slices Prosciutto - 4 for each sandwich

Spread pesto on each side of the bread, layer with cheese, figs and Prosciutto. Place in a sandwich press or press down with a heavy pan while the sandwich is in a skillet with some Pam. warm until cheese gets melty and gooey and delicious!

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