January 23, 2011

It's an Arti Party Birthday Party

I really enjoy the Food Network show Aarti Party - I think Aarti is bubbly, funny, enjoyable to watch and I'm thrilled with the foods she makes with an Indian flair. Secretly in my head Aarti and I are best friends who love to eat good food, go to check out little markets and spend weekends cooking and baking together - can you tell I love her? I record her show on the DVR and if she's made things I enjoy, I'll watch the show and then choose what to make.

My favorite Aarti moment by far was the time she made a Boston Butt Pork Roast and said she had never heard of Boston Butt but the only Boston Butt she knows is her husband - Oh my gosh I died of laughter!

Well she had a show that was on the DVR when we came back from vacation and I decided there and then, I wanted to make that whole episode for my upcoming birthday. Everything looked so incredibly comforting and delicious.

Yes, you read right - I passed up the chance to have my very willing husband take me out for a lovely dinner for my 31st birthday in exchange for a day and night of me in the kitchen just so I could make this whole meal and take my first stab at making a chocolate cream pie for dessert.

It really was the best birthday and so relaxing and nice.

I made Aarti's Beer, Ginger and Garlic Braised Brisket, her Broccoli and Dill Raita Slaw (although I opted for cabbage instead of broccoli slaw), and her Thai Red Curry Mac n Cheese (note on this, I used less of the curry paste - starting with 1 T but then I easily added 3 or so T by the end of the cooking process because I wanted the warmth and flavor).

The brisket was so tender and had this incredible abundance of flavors - savory, sweet, sharp - it was so delicious. The slaw was incredibly flavorful with the dill and the nuts and cranberries added some sweetness and crunch. And I don't even know where to begin with the Mac and Cheese - who ever would have thought to add curry paste to mac and cheese is heaven sent. It was cheesy, creamy, VERY FILLING, and had such a nice spicy warmth to it that just made your mouth sing.

I'm not posting the recipes because I made everything just as Aarti did - and so I'll just let you follow the links above.

Make the whole meal, at one time, you won't be disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

I can't find those recipes following your links. I saw the show & thought she was brilliant. The food network website makes looking for recipes difficult.