April 17, 2011

My First Adventure with Paneer

The first time I had paneer, my good friend Rupa brought me some to work to try - she's so good about brining me in tastes of the delicious food she and her husband make so I can try new Indian flavors and spices.

Since then I've been determined to make saag paneer. But I don't do anything half assed (ok that's a lie), so I decided to make my own paneer. Yeah that was a BIG FAT SUPER DUPER FAIL!!! Instead of forming in to a brick/cube, it came out all crumbly and well, it was great the next night on our has and eggs! So I had to make a pre-dinner run to Whole Foods to pick up paneer. Let me just say at 8.99 a box, and needing 2 boxes for the recipe, I need to work at finding a really fantastic recipe for making paneer at home.

The recipe for the spinach was pretty good, the flavor was great but it wasn't creamy enough for me, I wanted something more pureed and smooth. So this is a recipe I will continue to play with and figure out how to perfect.

Since I don't eat much meat, having the paneer as a protein option is really a nice choice and I just have to keep working at this!

Next time, I'm going to use this paneer recipe. And I relied on my old stand by of Serious Eats for the Saag Paneer recipe. Again, I just have to play around with the creaminess of it, but that's just my taste. I served this with naan and it was just a wonderful vegetarian meal full of great flavor.

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