September 18, 2011

That's A Spicy Shrimp

Found this delicious recipe off of a Pintrest post and it just looked so delicious I had to make it! After following the picture to the source, I quickly became a fan of the blog Cheeky Kitchen - what great recipes she has on there! Check her out!

The recipe was so simple to put together, flavorful, and would be great with shrimp or chicken.

I did tweak the recipe quite a bit. Cheeky Kitchen made it using a boxed Simply Salads mix, but really it's so easily made with just some small shaped pasta.

I'm posting the recipe as I made it here - no matter how you choose to make it, just make it! How I made it serves 2.

3 oz. dry Barilla Piccolini pasta
20 shrimp
1 avocado
1 cucumber
lettuce - I used about 2 cups of lettuce per plate

1/2 cup light mayo with olive oil
1-2 T of Siracha hot chile sauce

Boil the pasta and drain, set aside after running under cool water.
Peel and cook the shrimp in a skillet with a touch of olive oil, salt and pepper.
Shred some lettuce, dice your cucumber and avocado.
Combine the mayo and the Siracha to make the dressing. I did add a bit of water here to thin it out so it was more dressing-like.

Plate the lettuce, cucumber and avocado. Top with 10 shrimp and 3 oz. of cooked pasta. Drizzle the dressing on top and enjoy.

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