September 11, 2011

Almost too cute to eat! Almost...

I made treats again this summer for my co-workers summer camp that she volunteers at each year. I've made many cute things for the little campers, including these, chocolate pretzel rods decorated like magic wands, haystacks, you name it.

This year, the camp had a themed week of Movies and Hollywood. So I wanted to do something to go along with that theme. I came up with the idea, after countless Google image searches, of making cupcakes look like buckets of popcorn!

I just used boxed cake mix and frosting. But then I crinkled and sprayed mini marshmallows with yellow spray frosting. I also was fortunate to find some cute little admit one tickets that I taped to toothpicks to stick in the top of each cupcake. They looked like adorable little buckets of popcorn with the movie ticket.

I heard the cupcakes were delicious and a huge hit with the campers! YAY!

I mean, come on, what's not to love?!?

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